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How to Prevent Cats from Urinating on Carpet. Some cats develop a habit of urinating on carpet, which can be very frustrating for their owners. The smell of cat urine is offensive and often spreads throughout the house. Cat urine is also...

Before you can begin to correct a litter box problem, it's important to understand why your cat is peeing inappropriately. A cat urinates outside its litter box for one of two general reasons: a medical problem or a behavioral issue.
My cat has a whole damn closet to pee in her big liter box and she continues to pee in my two dog beds. My dog lays in them, lays on my bed/couch dragging the cat pee smell throughout the house. I can't de-pee the entire house once a week. As soon as I cleaned the dog bed. Within 12 hours she did it again
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I have used it to keep my dog from chewing my chairs and carpet but never to keep my cat from peeing. Never thought of that one. I'm afraid the whole house would smell like pepper and everyone would be sneezing all the time.
My dog and cat have lived together for the past 3 yrs. They both use the dog bed. 2 weeks ago the cat peed on the dog bed so I through it out and last night the cat pooped on the blanket I put down for them. They both shared that too. What going on with this cat???? They do love each other although at times the dog won't let the cat have his toys.

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Preventing the Cat From Peeing on the Dog Bed . When you are trying to find ways how to stop your cat from peeing on the dog bed, you might realize that dog beds and litter boxes are actually somewhat similar, especially to a cat that doesn’t know any better. They are both rectangular, sit on the floor, and are usually close to the same size ... View top-quality stock photos of Dog Peeing On Small Christmas Tree. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images. Jul 25, 2012 · Try moving the dog bed into a room the cat doesn't go into, or getting something that could scare him away from the bed. There are these things (I don't remember what they're called, sorry), that... How to Stop Cats from Peeing on the Front Porch. Nobody wants to come home to the smell of cat pee in their front porch. However, cats are not just using your front entrance as a cat toilet. They are more likely marking the space as high...How do I make my cat stop urinating in my dogs bed? ... First issues first - do no longer "punish" your cat for peeing on your mattress. there's a reason he's doing it, yet he would not be attentive to it incredibly is incorrect and no quantity of punishment will make him quit peeing. Cats start up urinating outdoors of their litterboxes for ...Jun 06, 2013 · because he is the cat and the dog is the dog. take that you dog. seriously, first, any peeing problems with male cats must be checked by a vet first. if he has an infection, it hurts when he pees....

Why does my cat pee on my clothes and on the dog bed - Answered by a verified Cat Vet. ... my cat is peeing on my boyfriends clothes. He will go through a pile of laundry and only pee on my boyfriends clothes. After I found him doing this Ive picked up all laundry up off the floor.Oct 17, 2008 · I kept my cat for 17 years, through all health problems, thyroid and many more. I kept her through cancer and the same problem as you.I would not have let her go, she had an operation and hemorrhaged, until you are either ready to let her go, which maybe never or she dies, the eating and appetite loss can you at least mix it in with the prescribed food ?There is a site somewhere if you google ...

Is your cat peeing outside the litter box? Whether it's due to a medical issue, stress or human error, here's how to fix the issue at hand. ... The dog pee pads is a great idea from previous ...

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